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Love Phillip Island (Millowl)

Phillip Island is one very special place loved by visitors and locals alike. Love Phillip Island (Millowl) connects our visitors and local businesses directly to projects that enhance our beautiful environment and help care for our unique wildlife. By supporting local environment projects you can 'Give Back' and make a real difference.

You can make a donation to one of 2 key projects and get involved in local volunteer opportunities.

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Phillip Island Landcare - Island Bushcare Program

In partnership with Phillip Island Landcare Group, your donation will allow the purchase and planting of indigenous trees on the island.

A $5 donation will allow for the purchase of an indigenous plant from Barb-Martin Bushbank, a rabbit guard and two stakes and your tree will be planted by local businesses during the cooler months.

Penguin foundation

Future Proofing Little Penguin Project - Penguin Foundation

The Future-Proofing Little Penguins project aims to build the resilience of the world's largest little penguin colony and other wildlife on the Summerland Peninsula against heatwave and bushfire events by undertaking habitat modifications creating cooler and less flammable environments.

The project helps to redress the negative impacts of historic land management practices that have degraded the quality of habitat and address the future impacts of climate change on wildlife and habitat.

Every donation makes a difference to the work of the Penguin Foundation. It will help support little penguins by expanding their homes on land and building resilience towards climate change impacts.

For more information and to make a donation click here:


Volunteer with one of the many community groups that actively care for the Island. Book in to attend one of the many events happening this summer and get to know your local group.

To learn more about these groups and the alliance they've created visit Philip Island Land Alliance website (you can also book your volunteer activity from this website or by clicking the activity below).