Cape Woolamai surfing Phillip Island

Surfing Phillip Island

A unique, world-class destination with a rich surfing history and a wave for all kinds of weather and abilities, Phillip Island is home to Victoria’s first National Surfing Reserve and some of the best surf spots in Victoria. Phillip Island boasts a range of different breaks, from sheltered bays for beginners to powerful reef breaks; you will be sure to find somewhere that is on.

You're generally guaranteed an opportunity to get your board out at Phillip Island. The swell is rarely too small to surf, and, depending on the swell size, you can find a sheltered break on almost any wind.

More advanced surfers should check out the world-class beach breaks at Cape Woolamai, while beginners can head to Smiths Beach and YCW Beach for some fun, small waves.

If you want to learn how to ride your first wave, Island Surfboards Surf School is a great way to learn. If you don't need the basics, you can also hire surfboards, stand up paddleboards and equipment from Island Surfboards at their Cowes and Smiths Beach stores.

Kayaking Phillip Island

Kayaking is another great way to explore Phillip Island’s beautiful coastline, and there is a lovely range of locations to be discovered, from inlets to coves. Take a Kayak tour with Pioneer Kayaking.

Pioneer Kayaking offers guided sea kayak tours exploring Phillip Island's beautiful coastline. Locations: Cape Woolamai, Rhyll, Cowes and Churchill Island.

Phillip Island National Surfing Reserve & Surf Spots

Phillip Island National Surfing Reserve was dedicated on Saturday, 16 March 2013, for the surfers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. National Surfing Reserves is a voluntary collaboration dedicated to recognising iconic surfing sites in Australia and assisting NSR sites globally. The National Surfing Reserve consists of four breaks including Cape Woolamai, Smiths Beach, Summerlands and Cat Bay.

Popular Surf Spots

Consisting of ever-changing world-class beach breaks, ‘Woolamai’ is a unique stretch of beach with numerous quality beach breaks along the stretch of coast from Magic Lands to Forrest Caves. Sand overlaying a shallow rock reef and the seasonal winds and currents create crescent-shaped sandbanks that are perfect for surfing but more suited to experienced surfers.


From the Island’s premier barrelling reef break ‘Express Point’ to the mellower waves of Smiths Beach and YCW Beach, where so many grommets have experienced their first wave.

Smiths Beach and YCW Beachcomber Beach are used by surf schools, people learning to surf, and the stars of tomorrow polishing their manoeuvres due to the consistency of waves.

Cat Bay

High quality left, and right-hand reef breaks that allow surfing in big swells when the south-facing Island Beaches are onshore.

The Cat Bay area is home to numerous reef breaks of varying standards with Flynn’s Reef and Right Point being the standout breaks.

National Surfing Reserve Brochure