Phillip Island Strawberries



Phillip Island's first strawberry and produce farm to use a hydroponic vertical tower growing system.
Owned by locals, Roger and Faye Morris, we use hydroponic Smart Farm technology to grow over 4000 strawberry plants in this boutique farm.

Currently we are selling direct to the public from the farm gate.
Fresh hydroponic strawberries and other seasonal produce are available.
Free entry

Strawberries, sugar snap peas, snow peas and other products are seasonal and may not be available on any given day.

Check our Facebook page for updates on availability.

Smart Farm Vertical Tower

The Smart Farm vertical tower technology is now available for sale in variations from a single stand-alone recirculating unit, perfect for people with limited space, through to design and construction of commercial installations throughout Victoria. The system can also be adapted to growing exceptionally well with regular potting mix and hand watering for the home gardener.

If you are interested in products, commercial design and construction or just want to know more about the system, get in touch with Roger Morris today.


  • Carpark
  • Family Friendly