Kutcha Edwards Band


Philip Island resident, nationally and internationally recognised Kutcha Edwards is our storyteller in the treasured tradition of Archie Roach and Uncle Jack Charles.

Multi-award winner and proud Mutti Mutti man Kutcha Edwards uses his mesmeric music to create connections across cultures, generations, and spaces. His charismatic stage presentations deepen our understanding of Australia’s first people.

As a respected elder and survivor from the Stolen Generations, a Kutcha live experience takes you on a journey with stories from his life, that segue so eloquently into each song choice lifting your spirit. At the heart of it Kutcha’s music is pure soul.

Through his humour and insights, we realise that with recognition of the true Aboriginal history, there can be hope of reconciliation.

“‘A lot of people have told me it was a highlight or even THE highlight of the festival.” Brian Ritchie (Curator Mona Foma)

“His commanding performance was proof that while festivals may have to market themselves with international headliners, it’s when they platform artists like Edwards that they feel most vital.” NME Review

Date: Saturday 29th June - 7.30pm
Berninneit, 91-97 Thompson Ave, Cowes
$18 - $30

June 2024

  • Saturday 29th