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Phillip Island
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Travel Trade

International and Domestic Travel Trade

For International and Domestic Travel Trade enquiries:

Contact - Arnika Martin

Destination Phillip Island
Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator
Ph: 0466 620 856
E: [email protected]

Travel Trade

We encourage all businesses to become Internationally Ready – are you wanting to work with international sales agents who make commission-based sales on behalf of them.

If you're new to working with the travel trade, Tourism Australia provides an excellent introductory guide to inbound tourism in Australia.

The toolkit was produced by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) and Tourism Australia in partnership with the Australian State and Territory tourism offices.

The toolkit contains advice on how to

  • Understand the travel distribution system and its rate structure
  • Research international markets to establish who will use your products
  • Recognise the different travel styles of inbound travellers
  • Develop a marketing plan to target international visitors through a range of mediums and distribution channels

To view the toolkit please click here

By working with the international travel trade we aim to increase dispersal and low and shoulder season travel from our key source international markets.

Businesses who work with international trade or are thinking of becoming "internationally ready" can partner with Destination Phillip Island to leverage opportunities to support growth of the region's international visitor numbers.

Travel Trade Partners / Agent

If you’re a travel trade partner/agent and would like to find out more about Phillip Island and the products that work with the travel trade and are internationally ready, contact

Arnika Martin: 0466 620 856

Email: [email protected]

Phillip Island Trade Resources and Manual

Download our manual International Trade Manual Phillip Island 2021

International Trade Directory - Phillip Island

Phillip Island Touring Alliances

Phillip Island is a key destination in the Go Beyond Melbourne Touring Alliance. For more information visit the website.

Phillip Island is a key destination on the Sydney Melbourne Coastal Drive which explores the southern coastline from Sydney to Melbourne delivering a lifetime of memories. For more information visit the website.