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Phillip Island
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Destination Management Plan

Building a Resilient and Sustainable Visitor Destination

Destination Phillip Island is developing an updated Phillip Island and San Remo Destination Management Plan (DMP).

The DMP will provide a long-term roadmap that:

  • Builds upon the insights and activity the region has been working towards through the current Phillip Island and San Remo Destination Management Plan 2030 (published in 2016)
  • Supports the recently launched Experience Victoria 2033 vision set by the State, and;
  • Establishes evidence-based strategic actions for the sustainable growth and development of the destination - balancing the economic, social and environmental priorities of the region.

Australian Tourism Planning Consultants, The Tourism Collective have been appointed to lead the development of the updated DMP. The team are well versed in sustainable destination planning, and bring extensive knowledge, skills and experience to the project.

We’ll work together to co-create an agreed vision

This Project will be underpinned by ongoing engagement and consultation with community and industry stakeholders.

The Tourism Collective want to hear from everyone; including local industry and community groups, Destination Phillip Island, Bass Coast Shire Council, Visit Victoria, and State Government, as this will help determine what success looks like, and frame the direction for the DMP.

Working in unison to achieve the shared vision will enable us to attract diverse visitors, create new employment opportunities, and generate revenue for the local economy, while ensuring the preservation of natural and cultural resources and quality of life for local residents.

We’ll need your help every step of the way

Below is a graphic of the timeline for this Project. It shares all of the major stages of the project and where we’d appreciate your contribution.

Over the course of the project, you'll be invited to contribute your thoughts, ideas and feedback via surveys, workshops or interviews.

We know tourism is everyone’s business, and so we’ll be tapping on the shoulders of residents, businesses, community groups, students, traditional owners, and government stakeholders across the region to have a say, so we’ve captured all perspectives through this process.

The Destination Phillip Island team will be publishing regular project updates on the progress of the DMP to keep you informed:

🌊 Project Update 1

🌊 Project Update 2

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Situation Analysis

Released 24 August 2023

The work to date has been consolidated into a Situation Analysis. This document is an overview of the extensive listening process and outlines opportunities that stakeholders have uncovered together.

📘 Download a copy of the Situation Analysis here.

Draft Destination Management Plan

Released 25 October 2023

This document provides a long-term roadmap for tourism in the region and is designed as a framework that will evolve over time to provide strategies and measure success to guide tourism management and its impacts on our community.

This DMP has been informed by, builds upon and supersedes the Phillip Island & San Remo Visitor Economy Strategy 2035 (VES2035), and draws on the most up-to-date collective intelligence across all key stakeholders.

📘Download the Draft Destination Management Plan here

Next steps...

Feedback for the Draft Phillip Island and San Remo Destination Management Plan has now closed. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the project so far. Your valuable contribution has ensured we develop a plan for tourism that is reflective of the needs and aspirations of our industry, local community, and all stakeholders.

In early 2024, the final Phillip Island and San Remo Destination Management Plan will be shared on this page and directly to all that have subscribed to the DMP mailing list