The Centre Cowes


Our local community based not for profit facility includes and lounge and service area accompanying full disabled access and restrooms for all.

The studio space can accommodate up to 80 patrons comfortably with hire of tables and any other needs supplied at cost by local business.

Say Hello and meet the team at 'The Centre Cowes' soon via Facebook. Our primary contact for potential bookings and inquiries is 0419624611.

Generally bookings are available for use between 7am-10pm daily, all year round. Rates are calculated based on intended use and times.

Mirrors cover the walls in the venue making the enlarged sense of space comfortable and useful in a number of applications.

Existing uses such as Ballet, Tai Chi, Belly Dancing and Bands enjoy the facility regularly. Music instruction and practice, are all uses previously over the 3 years we have been open. Every type of use is invited and of course some conditions do apply in relation to safety and maintaining the facility such as leaving it in the way you found it when you have finished.

Contact Mike or Dan now for a friendly chat about the potential of 'The Centre'.