Phillip Island Flyboarding


Come and enjoy the art of hydro-flying and be a Superhero today with Phillip Island Flyboarding!

Flyboarding can be enjoyed by anyone without any previous experience. In just a couple of minutes, you will learn to stand up from the water and become airborne, hovering and making turns over the water. The quickest way to feel you have superpowers, and even if you lose control the water is there to catch you. Flying above water is exhilarating and is an adventure like no other.

What is Hydro-flight?

Hydro-flight is an exciting new sport that is taking the watersports industry by storm. It is exactly what it sounds like! Using the power of water to send a rider flying through the air or speeding through the water as effortlessly as a dolphin.

We are offering 45 min, 60 min and 90 min experiences. We also provide the option for a Jetpack, so you can experience different styles of hydro-flying.

Please call us or check out our website to book your tickets and come and experience hydro-flying for yourself.


  • For ages 14 to 65.