Phillip Island Eco Tours


Phillip Island Eco Tours provides unique and personalized tours for groups, corporate team building with nature based activities, families and schools of all levels. Just one and a half hours from Melbourne, Phillip Island offers stunning beaches; landscapes and wildlife that the team want to show you.

At Phillip Island Eco Tours the team want you to experience nature and its benefits first-hand. Studies show that spending time outdoors can reduce depression, anxiety and stress, as well as boost psychological well-being and increase sleep, immunity and happiness.

Sue, the tour guide, has fifteen years of experience as an Education Interpretation Ranger at Phillip Island Nature Parks, and also holds Eco guide, Victorian Teaching and valuable industry qualifications, the expertise to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

The tours follow ecotourism principles, aiming for minimal impact, leaving no harm to the environment or wildlife, and trying to leave places in better condition than when the tour started.

Phillip Island Eco Tours wants to share the amazing conservation efforts and showcase how to preserve this fragile Eco system and minimise our footprint for future generations.

Come along on a guided tour to show you the unique experience of Phillip Island, and let the Island leave a positive imprint on you!