Join in for an immersive experience exploring the spirit and place of Millowl by contemporary Aboriginal artists at the new cultural centre, Berninneit. Five of the country's most talented First Nations creatives deliver an artistic gift that weaves through the sky, land, water and animals of the beloved island.

Artists include: Lowell Hunter AKA Salty One, Adam Magennis, Mitch Mahoney, Patrice Mahoney, and Charlie Needs Braces

December 2023

  • Tuesday 12th
  • Wednesday 13th
  • Thursday 14th
  • Friday 15th
  • Saturday 16th
  • Sunday 17th
  • Monday 18th
  • Tuesday 19th
  • Wednesday 20th
  • Thursday 21st
  • Friday 22nd
  • Saturday 23rd
  • Sunday 24th
  • Monday 25th
  • Tuesday 26th
  • Wednesday 27th


  • Dealer Membership by Indigenous Art Code
  • Aboriginal Culture
  • Art & Culture