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Phillip Island

Industry Update New Website 17 February 2021

New times, new website!

Last week at our Industry Morning Tea we officially showcased our new Visit Phillip Island consumer website, delivering a more engaging, inspiring, and user-friendly site. Since launching, the average session duration on our website has increased by 100% from approximately 2 minutes to 4 minutes, indicating that visitors are finding the site easier to navigate around and find the content they are looking for.

The site delivers flexible design components, and more creative layout to showcase imagery, videos and storylines which will be updated in accordance to campaigns and seasonality.
Video is a big feature of our new website, which can be seen in the header on our homepage - below is a screenshot or view it here. We will be working on new short run video content over the coming months. The video content has be very compact so as to not delay the user experience.
All of our business and event listings are now pulled through from ATDW (Australia Tourism Data Warehouse) or custom-created by our team. If you have not yet taken up your FREE listing on ATDW, please contact Pauleen at [email protected].

📢 We would like to remind everyone to please check their listing and get back to us with any updates on information or images, or if you are listed on ATDW, please login and update your business directly. As always we encourage you to share the best imagery you can.
Since launching, there have been 41,217 operator link clicks to businesses website pages. Thus, it is vital to make your listing as visually attractive as possible and include details such as website URL, social media handles and contact number etc. There has also been a 600% increase in event clicks - which are user interactions with content that can be measured independently from a web-page or screen load. Downloads, link clicks, form submissions, and video plays are all examples of events.

There are several areas on the website for business spotlights, which are rotated at least every month. Again, please make sure your listing is visually attractive to keep in line with our brand image. We strive to keep our website looking modern and inspiring.
Another great new addition to our website is our Blog Page, where we will be creating content monthly, which will be shared across our socials and consumer newsletter.
See our new website for yourself at www.visitphillipisland.com.au

🎉 If you have a deal or special running for your business, we would love to list it on our Deals Page which has had over 2,000 page views. Please email deal details to [email protected]
Our organisation website has also transformed, managed off the same CMS and platform, you can now access directly from the URL or via the link on the consumer website. We will be updating this site with hand resources and it also keeps a track of all our industry communications, including industry newsletters.

💻 desinationphillipisland.org.au